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Hi, I’m John, the creator of this blog/guide about achieving your potential across all life areas with an entrepreneurial mindset (“Upward Dynamism”). Over the past few years, I have learned that what I thought was my greatest weakness – my non-linear, startup-like life journey – is my greatest strength.

My journey has included many trials and tribulations, good and bad choices, disruptive setbacks (e.g., dropping out of school), and rewarding achievements (e.g., graduating top of class at a public Ivy uni). “Pilgrimaging” through life like a ronin allowed me to look right and left and pick up a lot along the way. This path became a rich source of learning in breadth and depth.

I want to share the strategies on self-realization I learnt both through personal experience and by reading numerous books on related topics like (growth) mindset, financial literacy, social influence, entrepreneurship, and career development, among others.

In particular, I will apply many of my insights from working in the industry about how startups work to the topic of personal self-realization, given the fundamental parallels (e.g., operating under high uncertainty, need for strategic leaps of faith, lifelong learning, effectuation, being visionary, curious, focused, tenacious etc.).

I believe anyone can create the life they aspire to for themselves and those they care about – especially by means of education, perseverance, and focused dedication: It may not be an easy journey, but one worth pursuing.

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If you’re ready, I invite you to join me on this journey and take the first step. Do you have a question or suggestion for the blog? I’d love to hear from you!

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